BlinkBlinkID - face-to-face attendance system

BlinkBlinkID is a face-to-face attendance system. Using the most accurate recognition technology, you can use mobile or tablet to take attendance in a click in a second.

BlinkBlinkID works perfectly with LMS, which send attendance records to BlinkBlinkID. After attendance is finished, attendance records with points/scores would be transferred back to LMS automatically. BlinkBlinkID also has its own backend calendar system. You can create your own face-to-face events.

MyCloudStreaming - video management and streaming platform

MyCloudStreaming is an advanced video management and streaming platform.

It comprises of encoding and streaming videos. Using reliable CDN, users can perform live broadcasting. Encoding a bunch of videos with just a click using bulk encoding.

In addition, MyCloudStreaming is also a video asset management. Users can organize and control the accessibility the videos.